Friday, March 27, 2009

Ni Hao!

Finally! Today is day 7 our our first week in China. Yes, we are safe. And my pants are definitely a bit looser already!

What is our diet? Well, I've already fell into a rhythm.

Breakfast: Rice porridge (rice, red beans). Sometimes I have a steamed bun with veggies inside too.
Lunch: Rice, soup (broth, usually nothing in it), vegetables (either bok choy, cauliflower, or bamboo)
Dinner: Rice, soup (same kind), vegetables, and a meat dish (my favorite has beef and baby potatoes.. although there's another one that has pork and edamame that I like!)

Yes, repetative. Boring. And I've had bouts with sickness; but I'm losing weight! I'm walking a lot more. We walk to the store, walk up and down the stairs to our building and to the school all day long, and walk just to explore our new home.

Wierd foods I've eaten/seen?
-chicken feet (Husband tried to eat this. Did not know how. Gave up.)
-pig ears

I had a family member ask how different Chinese food is from American Chinese food. The answer is... VERY. There are no eggrolls or crab rangoon. Here in my city, you have rice with every single meal. The chicken dishes are just a whole chicken chopped up; bones and grisle all over. I've been avoiding chicken because of that; I'm picky, and I can't pick around it with chopsticks! Beef is the same way; a lot of bones. There's none of that "white meat only" stuff available. The sauces are light and yummy. Our school's canteen doesn't have the best food; that's where we've been eating. We had dinner out last night with some new friends and it was AMAZING. We're gonna do that more often!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy Jo!!!

Good to hear from you. Ick to meat with fat and grisle and bones in it. I would definitely become a vegetarian. But the sauces sound great! And rice...I never eat it anymore, but I really do like it a lot!

Sounds like you and hubby have made the transition pretty well??

Great on the walking.