Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm stuffed.

Thought I'd add a China pic to see my new, slightly svelte form. When I started this blog, I was 23 lbs. In this pic I was 7 lbs lighter than I am now... 198. My hubby and I took a week's vacation with our two closest friends and jetted off to Beijing. This is at the Forbidden City. That trip was probably in my top 5 for best memories ever. Maybe top 2 or 3 even. Amazing. Gorgeous. And, of course, it helped that the couple we went with were (and are) some of the most amazing people I've ever met!!

Absolutely stuffed. I feel like Ive been eating all day, but it's been good stuff!

Breakfast: oatmeal (I forgot to bring pb or a banana to work to mix in... enter protein powder and 1/2 packet of sugar free hot cocoa)

Lunch: Salad buffet in my department at the office. Salad, a breadstick, carrotts, celery, cucumbers, fresh fruit

Dinner: 1/2 Panera Bread Chicken Artichoke sammie with a cup of vegetable pesto soup and an apple.

Really, I've eaten it all very close together. Now I have my whole evening and I have to watch it!!!

I've returned to my medical billing office. In this topsy turvy world, sometimes you must settle for the sure thing. I'd love to move on soon, but we'll see. Free benefits and good pay? Can I turn it down?

The hubbie is off for a game night with the boys. I, however, am off to visit some old friends and have a theological/philosophical evening. It should be wonderful to see old friends again and fellowship with them, something I've been desperately missing for a year.

I'm loving the blogs. I have a years worth of posts to read from many people. I've sure got some reading material to go through!

Scale today says 204. 1 lb down, at least. I must go, but I'll leave you with another tidbit of the day...

Get your walk on. In China, people walk or bike everywhere. The small cities haven't adopted Walmart mania yet, so you can actually walk to the butcher, then the bakery, then the open air veggie market, the bookstore, small independant tailors, bicycle repair shops, etc. I loved walking to the store, my friends' flats, and school.

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