Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm back!!!!

I've returned to the lovely U.S. of A. Actually, I returned on 2/1. But I've been busy with life, moving, starting work, and generally just adjusting back into life in a western country. I love it; I hate it. I miss China :( But life here is good.

Since this is a DIET blog, I should give an update on that stuff first, I suppose. Well, towards the end of my time in China I was a naughty girl. I fell absolutely in love with authentic Chinese cooking. I went out to eat at least 3 or 4 nights a week. At one point, I was down to 194 lbs... but it crept back up to 209! Once I returned home, I went back on a healthy eating plan. I'm back down to 205, but it's a struggle. I've really learned the importance of exercise; but man, do I hate it!

I've moved to an area right near the heart of downtown. After living in Fuyang and enjoying the freedom of walking to the supermarket, the park, walking to the corner to buy milk or toilet paper, I wanted to capture that lifestyle here at home. I now live a couple blocks from everything. A YMCA (which I plan on joining once the finances get more stable), a grocery store, a butcher, coffee shops, a library, restaurants, the zoo... it's heaven!

The other thing I've mentioned here quite often is my marital relationship. I am happy to say that it is in the recovery stage. Living in China taught me a great many things. I've learned, grown, and become a better woman for it. The self confidence it has given me is very attractive to my husband, I think. We get along better. We enjoy more similar things. I have realized the importance of being my own person, with my own interests, friends, etc. And I love it!

Anyway, I have many blogs to catch up on. I regret that I was unable to blog in China. I had so many stories to tell! I guess I will just have to pepper them into my posts now that I'm home.

Chinese tidbit for the day:

Make eating more difficult! I understand now why so many Chinese people are at a healthy weight than Americans. Eating is more work! You need to use chopsticks. Their meat dishes have bones in them. You have to eat around them, and pick it apart. Snacking means munching on sunflower seeds, in the shell. If you have a serious sweet craving, go to the corner store and buy a stalk of sugarcane. They will peel it and chop it up for you right there! Bring it to the office and share. everything is packaged carefully; cookies are packaged in groups of 2 or 3 cookies; even oreos! You'll think twice before ripping into three of them.

Anyway, some things are hard to carry over; I'm hoping I can fulfill my sugar cane cravings SOMEWHERE when I have them; but either way, the idea of keeping my snacks limited to fresh, real foods will definitely help me.

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