Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blogspot is blocked!!!

Have I fallen off the face of the earth?

Actually, no. I've just been BLOCKED! I finally found a proxy that will allow me to access and update my blog, but not post pictures. Man, that's the most interesting part! Anyway, I have WEEKS of blogs to catch up on.

What's new in my life? China is good! I've got new friends! We've been spending a lot of time with other foreigners here in Fuyang. There's a local karaoke bar that caters to foreigners, so we have spent a few nights out there. It's also more fun to go out to dinner in a large group. Most restaurants in China expect you to order dishes and share at the table. When you have a big round table with 10 people at it, you can order 10 or 12 dishes and sample them all! You put them on a lazy susan and spin it when you want something new. It's a great way to eat, and it goes slowly.... so you really don't eat that much!

Classes are great. I am adoring teaching this kids. They are so fun, and so excited about English. They say the darndest things. I can brainwash them, since they don't know much English...

Amy is pretty. Amy is smart. Amy is my favorite teacher. (hee hee hee just kidding!).

But really, I have actually had these conversations with kids...

student: Amy, you are beautiful and nice and I like you.
Amy: Thank you! I like you too.
Student: Thank you. I like you too.
Amy: um...


Amy: What does a donkey look like?
Student: It is STUPID!
Amy: But what does it LOOK like?
Student: A donkey looks like stupid.
Amy: *sigh*

Amy: What is in your desk?
Student: A teacher.
Amy: You have a teacher in your desk?
Student (realizing his mistake) um... the teacher is SO small.

Students here don't use the word VERY. They say SO. It is SO cute. It is SO big. I'm trying to break them of this and teach them to use very, but it's not going so well!

How's Amy's weight going? Alright. I'm holding steady at 205-208. I haven't lost in the last few weeks. Honestly, I don't much mind; I'm waiting for a letter from home to make sure my address here is correct. If I get the letter, then I'll have my family mail my "skinny clothes". Until then, I don't want to lose any because I'm already down to my smallest stuff here; and it's only a few shirts, one pair of jeans, and a pair of shorts!

It's really hot here; some days it gets up to about 95 degrees. I hear we haven't seen anything yet. We're pretty much staying home unless it's later evening. It's just too hot!


debby said...

Amy! So good to hear from you. Good for you on your weight.

Eating out sounds so fun!!!

Di Hill said...

When I was there it was always blocked. I could post, but could not see the post without a proxy. But in China all sorts of things get blocked. By the government? By the school?

debby said...

Amy Jo, I miss you! This will probably be blocked, but maybe it will sneak through. Hope you are still enjoying your stay and eating lots of fun and fascinating foods. Have you walked the great wall yet? The idea of it sort of fascinates me.

debby said...

Amy Jo, Just letting you know I am thinking about you and miss you. Hope you are having a wonderful experience in China, and I will be anxious to hear all your adventures when you return home. If you get this, you could email me if you can't write a blog.