Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wow. It's been awhile, huh?

Finally, I've found a way around the "Net Nanny" in China... I can't post pictures, but once again I can at least post text!

How am I? I'm doing REALLY REALLY GOOD! My God is good lately. Why?

1. I'm now 199 lbs. FINALLY broke that horrible 200 mark!
2. I just returned from a 2 1/2 week vacation on the beaches of Malaysia. I'm tan and feeling pretty darn confident in myself
3. Yesterday was my first day back to classes here in China. A small student said to me "Amy, you are thin this year!" WOOT!
4. Things have been getting progressively better on the marriage front. I'm happy to say that I think we will most likely weather this storm.
5. We've hit the halfway mark for our time here in China, and it's now a count down to go home!!

Really, I'm not TOO eager to leave. I love China, but I really really miss my family. I'm torn. I miss spending time with family and friends at home, smelling fresh air, being able to shop for things like familiar spices, brown rice, etc. But I also love the friends I've made here. I'm going to miss my favorite parks, favorite restaurants and dishes. I'm going to miss the students. Mostly, I'm afraid of what will happen when Husband and I return home. We've gotten so much closer recently; but what will the stress of being home, going back to school, both of us working, etc. have on us? I guess we'll see.

Our vacation was wonderful. We flew to Kuala Lumpur, saw the city, then went to the rainforest and the beaches. A lot of curry was eaten, along with *gasp* A & W and Burger King. We caved! We got very tan (and burnt) and got a lot of reading done too.

So... Amy Jo is alive, well, and looking up!


debby said...

Amy Jo!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited to see your message on my blog this morning!!! Its great to hear from you, and to hear that you are doing so well is just wonderful.

That is amazing to me how you can go to a foreign country and learn to love it so much. It is something I think about quite a bit when I hear missionaries speak. They really love the countries that they are living in. Have you guys even pondered the idea of staying there? Just curious.

FANTASTIC about the weight loss, and wonderful to hear that your marriage is doing well. Mostly wonderful just to hear from you!

debby said...

Amy Jo, I was thinking about you today, and decided to check your blog to see if anything is new or where you might be. You must be coming home soon.

I am starting a spiritual formation blog, and thought of you. It would be great if you could join us, but I am pretty sure you are still in China. I hope you will check in when you get home. Will be anxious to hear about all your adventures!