Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The oral typhoid vaccine is simply evil.

It’s a series of 4 pills, taken every other day on an empty stomach. Yesterday, I took pill number 1 and jetted off to work. Within two hours, I was sick, throwing up, the works. I was told that 25% of people get severe nausea with it… and I’m one of the lucky fourth! I tried to call hubby all day, to no avail. I was sick, working, and worried about hubby, since he wasn’t home! Finally, I went home at 3:00… our power had been out all day! So rather than sit in the dark all day, hubby brought me to mommy’s house, where I laid on the couch with a pillow and blanket and watched the Biggest Loser while petting Smitty, her new three-legged cat. My 21 year old sister’s plea when she wanted to adopt him?
“But MOM, you KNOW I’ve always wanted a three legged cat!”
Apparently that’s a valid argument, because mom caved and now has two kitties in their apartment. I will admit, Smitty the three legged cat IS pretty cute. And cuddly. And a little bit cross-eyed.

Last night Husband picked me up and brought me home, and our power was (thank you LORD!) back on. I was not looking forward to having to “guesstimate” what time I had to get up based on my own internal clock… I was sure I’d lay awake all night worrying I’d be late for work! Husband tucked me in, gave me some medicine for my headache, and let me sleep the night away. And sleep I did… better than I have in weeks.

Today, I’m back at work with the after effects of terrible beginning-of-my-lady-time cramps, a pounding headache, and a seriously bad attitude. I am attempting to remedy all of this with a mix of blogging and coffee. We’ll see how this works out. The worst part? I have three more pills to take. I’m hoping my body will be a little more adjusted by tomorrow morning when I take my next one!

Today’s plan? I have to pack up stuff at home, do laundry, do my LAST lesson for my online TEFL course (HURRAH!) and hopefully take a nap. We’ll see how that all goes!

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Di Hill said...

Where in China are you going to? I loved my time there and today I have had messages from students there - mostly expecting me to return this semester, but I will not be.

Tell us more about your China plans.