Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wick in my ear!

I haven’t blogged much in the past week…mostly because I’ve got a monstrous ear infection that has made me insanely crabby, and I haven’t wanted to subject anyone to it. But my selfessness has limits, and sometimes you just gotta vent!

My ear is huge. On Sunday, it started to hurt. Monday, it hurt like the dickens. I think I got about an hour of sleep that night. In the morning, I decided I needed a doctor. My doctor couldn’t fit me in until the next day, and I knew I couldn’t wait that long, so Husband brought me to the Urgent Care Center. They charged me a $55.00 copay, and I walked away with only a prescription for ear drops, and a diagnosis of “swimmers ear” (I don’t even swim!!).

My ear was so swollen that the drops wouldn’t even seep into my ear. The little that finally did made my ear WORSE! I went to work after the Urgent Care visit, and plowed my way through half a workday, then tried to sleep.

Wednesday, I woke up and burst out crying. Husband said I needed to see OUR doctor. I called, and managed to get an appointment in the morning. I was having shooting pains inside my ear, my whole right side of the face was sore, and I couldn’t close my jaw!! I tearfully called in to work AGAIN, apologizing since my last day was supposed to be Friday.

My doctor was angry that I couldn’t get an appointment with him Tuesday. He said that the doctor gave me the wrong prescription for ear drops, and it worsened my problems. He inserted a wick into my ear so that the drops he was going to give me would get in. I was sobbing as he did it, it hurt so bad! Nothing like crying to your doctor. I was quite embarrassed. Anyway, I got a prescription for antibiotic drops, oral antibiotics, and darvocet for the pain. So far, my ear doesn’t seem to be any better. But the darvocet is helping!! *hee hee*

I have to go back in today for followup. We’ll see…

Other bad news? Our departure date has been bumped back until the first week of March! My employer okayed me to work one more week, so at least we’ll get a little more money… but I’m just anxious to go. Husband is pretty down, and he’s having a hard time at work. I want to whisk him away.

Diet wise? I’m climbing back on the wagon – even IF I’m leaving for China. I had a rude awakening when I climbed on the scale at the doctor and it said 226 lbs. Yes, that was with shoes, clothes, and heavy winter coat on, but even so, I would imagine I was 223 lbs – that’s 9 pounds gained back! I thought I was maintaining… I thought wrong.

The diet will be easy for a couple days – I can’t chew. Cream of wheat for breakfast, Soup In Hand for lunch, probably a smoothie or Slimfast shake for dinner. I’m being forced into cutting back J

Some good news? How about some of that? Hm….

I was proud of the voting on the Biggest Loser! I’m glad they gave Dane and Blaine their wish J Also, I got some purty flowers for my birthday from my mommy. And a really cute asian photo album from Husband, for China pictures (we’re broke… and it was really sweet and thoughtful!). Also, I gave several bags of fat clothes to Goodwill. I’m going to be hear long enough to go out with my co-workers for TGI Friday’s night. We’ll have time to see all of our family before we go. Mom-in-law is going to lend us her laptop so that we have a computer in China.

So all in all, life is bad, life is good. Life is… life.

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Anonymous said...

Whew, that sounds completely painful, Amy Jo. How does an infection like that start in your ear? Was it from that terrible shot you had to take?

Yes, Biggest Loser sure has more likable people this season. Or maybe that one person spoiled the whole pot last season...

Glad you'll have a computer in China!