Monday, February 2, 2009

Lifeforms.. Lovely Little Lifeforms...


How did Amy spend her day?

Sitting on her bed with hubby. Eating all sorts of terrible forbidden things (windmill cookies, ice cream, potato chip, macaroni and cheese) and watching a Star Trek movie marathon. Four of them… That’s about SEVEN HOURS worth of TV watching. I always avoided Star Trek. In an effort to connect with Husband’s interests, I decided to start watching them with him. Slowly, I became hooked on the original cast.

Spock is my homeboy.

Anyway, we just finished watching the first season of Next Generation (if you don’t understand this Star Trek jargon, you are not alone. I have but recently begun to understand such things). We decided it was time to watch all of the movies containing that cast. Long story short?

Data died. And I cried. Just a little. I most DEFINITELY hid that from Husband, because I would be teased mercilessly. The fact that I am that attached to an android on STAR TREK is something I never imagined in my wildest dreams. My, how things change.

Life update?
-China. In 18 days. It’s creeping up at lightning speed (full warp?)
-Diet? So terrible. I’ve adopted this “When I’m in China, I’ll eat healthy” mindset. Terrible, I know. But I have so much to focus on; and so many things to stress about. I just don’t wanna deal right now. Sue me. I still ate oatmeal for breakfast… that’s good, right? So much for a diet blog… this one is losing its diet mojo!
-Marriage – okay. I’m not deluding myself. But regardless of Husband’s feelings, I am truly feeling that I am moving forward. I love him. I’m enjoying him more, and he’s so INTERESTING! I’m beyond angry at the way I’ve treated him, and viewed him. I’m loving him so much… and its going to make it much harder if he stills wants a divorce next year after our stint in China. But I won’t regret it; I’d rather appreciate him, respect him, love him, and treat him the way he deserves, and lose him than lose him knowing that I could have been better. I could seriously go on forever on this subject, but I’ll spare you… for now.

Today we had an extremely overpriced counseling session in “travel medicine”. Basically, I got a stupid shot in my arm. The nurse stuck the needle in, injected HEP A miracle stuff into my arm, removed the needle, and then promptly placed a bandage carefully TWO INCHES ABOVE the needle hole. I think she missed the point. We got Typhoid pills to take over the next week or so… prescriptions for malaria meds… and lots of info on DEET and sunscreen and high elevation and traveler’s diarrhea.

Oh, hey, y’all, if you’re the praying type (which I definitely am), please add my aunt to your prayer list. She was just diagnosed with breast cancer. We’re not sure how far it’s progressed, but she’s pretty scared. I can’t imagine what she’s feeling right now; but she’s a believer, and is being as optimistic as she can.

Have a happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Amy Jo! Just finished watching Biggest Loser. Wish weren't in different time zones, we could chat about it online while the show was on! That Joelle was a space cadet, wasn't she?