Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am Still Alive!

Yes, I have neglected Miss Blog. Honestly, I'm too busy and stressed.

Friday was my last day of work. We have yet to get an official leave date.

My fridge has been on the fritz since saturday. Maintenance has "fixed" it 3 times, and we've gone through 3 gallons of milk thinking it will stay cold, and then the fridge dies in the night and the coldness mysteriously dissapears.

216.5 lbs this morning. As you can see, I'm not off the wagon - just not explaining it in full lately.

The upside? I've been wrestling with the hubby a lot. This is improving my strength, causing us to giggle together, and giving me something to take my frustration out on - although he is 100 times stronger and can just pin me down with one arm.

shhh... don't tell him I admitted that. I keep telling him I've been holding back for his sake *wink*

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debby said...

Good to hear from you Amy. I kinda knew you just had too much going on. That weight is GREAT!

Did you get my email addrress?