Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Being Driven Insane by Food Blogs!!!

No, not friends blogs. Not blogs, period. Specifically those blogs that post pictures of chocolate cake, fresh hot mexican wet burritos, etc. I follow many of these; and I loved reading them in the states! But now, it just hurts. I can handle the pictures of yummy oatmeal; we have oatmeal in China. I can see the steaks, the potatoes, the fruit, etc... I can find those. It HURTS though, to see a big juicy hamburger! I'm not gonna see one of those for a long time.
I've decided I'll lay off the pretty picture blogs for awhile. I can read about it; but seeing it? Oh, kill me now!
Bad news: I haven't lost nearly as much weight as I thought I had. When I left the US, I weighed 220 lbs. My jeans are big; I fit into a smaller size now. My belly is dissapearing. I thought I MUST be 210! But alas... Amy found the scales at the Da Run Fa (supermarket) and she still weighs 214.2. DARN IT! 214 was my lowest weight BEFORE China. It's all that Dove chocolate and flatbread I've been eating. I'm changing things up; goodbye, Chinese Rocky Street icecream (don't you live the Chinglish? It's Rocky Road...the box cracks me up), hello fresh seasonal papaya and pineapple! And peas and bok choy, and bamboo and carrots! And eggs and tofu!
We are sincerely hoping to afford a trip to Australia on the way back to the states in January... and it's a 6 day hiking trip through the wilderness. I've gotta be FIT!!!


debby said...

What an adventure, Amy! Rocky Street Ice Cream--I've gotta remember that!

And I agree with the good food blogs, or magazines, or whatever. I just bought a magazine called 'Clean Eating' (can you believe there is such a thing?) but the real reason I bought it is because of the delicious looking chocolate cupcakes on the cover...

Oh, man, you gotta go to Australia. I want to hear all about it.

(It sounds like you two are getting along okay?)

Di Hill said...

I've sent you an email - forgot the subject line, but it is about a network of English teachers in China. You might find it helpful.