Thursday, April 23, 2009

Night on the Town

Yeah... so that thing about it being time to fight? Didn't so much win the battle today.

Class was great; my students are so fun. Tonight we went to dinner with some other foreign friends. It was great! We walked there, and it was quite a ways. Probably a 45 minute walk. We ate in a restaurant in this huge swanky hotel. The dining room was completely empty. We sat at a beautiful table, drank out of crystal wine glasses, had the servers put our napkins in our lap, the whole shebang! At home, it would have been a REALLY expensive place. As it was, it equaled about $7.00 a person. We went into the display area and pointed out the dishes we wanted, and we all shared. That's usually the way you do it; you put all the dishes in the middle, and reach with your chopsticks. Afterwards, we took a long way home, checked out some instrument shops, and got some ice cream. Yes, not on the diet; but so good!

The damage done:

breakfast: Congee and a steamed bun
lunch: rice, bamboo, steamed greens (maybe beet greens?) and zucchini/egg dish that I love
dinner: a little bit of everything; eggplant in brown sauce, pork ribs, fried potato cakes, and little sandwiches with bacon and lettuce on them. Dessert of fruit: Longens, cherry tomatoes, and watermelon
Snacks: 2 apples, ice cream bar, about 8 cashews, 6 small crispy cookies (eek).

Lots of walking today; I don't think I'll lose, but hopefully it will at least keep me even.

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debby said...

SO FUN to hear about your adventures in a 'foreign land.' Like most Americans, I am so egocentric that I am more surprised by the similarities than by the differences, i.e. you mean they have apples in China?

Your food choices don't sound bad...I wonder if you could eat a bigger volume of some of the veggie things, or even the zucchini/egg thing. Then when temptation comes along, you are too full to indulge. That's kinda what happened on my detox diet experiment. LOTS of veggies and quite a bit of rice (1 cup) and I would be too full to have anything else for quite a while. In fact, I bought some soy sauce at the store yesterday, and I'm gonna have 'fried rice' for lunch today--I'll be thinking of you!