Sunday, April 19, 2009

We just got home. I just had to blog about our night, even though it's probably not all that interesting to anyone but me.We were meeting up with Tim, the San Francisco guy, for dinner with some other foreigners. We got the address of the restaurant texted to us. We took a cab, and he dropped us off at a barber shop. After some initial confusion, we found Tim and went up into the restaurant; an awesome place with a private room for us. We all sat at a big round table with a "lazy susan" in the middle for all the dishes. We knew we were in for some fun when we met the crazy mix of people.

-1 guy from San Francisco-

1 guy from Massachussetts-

1 guy from massachussetts' Chinese girlfriend-

1 guy from Germany-1 girl from South Africa

-1 guy from Vancouver, Canada

-1 Chinese bar owner who spoke only Chinese. He knew how to get us to toast though!

-1 guy from Great Britain

-2 crazy Michiganders :)

What a riot! We learned a little more about everyone, and had some great food. They just ordered about 10 dishes and we would grab things with our chopsticks, and spin it around when we wanted something different. There was lots of food, lots of beer, and lots of laughs. Most people who know me know that I am not a beer fan; but hey, why not cave and go with it? I had 2. Every 2 seconds it seemed like someone was toasting, and you have to down your little glass of beer. We had bottles, and we'd pour it into a glass about twice the size of a shot glass.Family Guy quotes were said; quotes from Snatch were said; jokes were made, friends were made... good night! After dinner we all went to a billiards hall. Great fun; even though I'm terrible! Matthew won 30 yuan :)So, there ya go. We now have more friends, more places to go, and things to do! Life is just never gonna be boring!

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