Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is the cutest baby; I couldn't resist. I got the back side for a reason; to show the split in her little pants! She is one of the few that has a diaper on; normally they are bare bunned! Also, I get a kick out of the clothes... parents pad their babies with SOMETHING under their clothes. I'm not sure what. Look how poofy she is!

I love the willow trees we find everywhere.

Hubby and I. I am happy... my face is finally starting to thin out a little bit!

Hm... what's the work ethic like across the world? It seems like people work longer days. This is shown through the fact that even though my school is a boarding school, almost ALL the students live right here in the city. They all go home every weekend; but since Mom and Dad work so much during the week, it's better for the kids to stay at school.Longer days, yes. But the labor part of it? It's a mix. There are the guys who pedal the big taxi-tricycles around; they obviously work HARD. There are the construction workers dangling way up in the air on a new building being held up by sticks; that's hard work. There's the janitorial staff here at school; this place is always being cleaned! The cafeteria is mopped after every meal. They sweep the whole courtyard every day. They stay busy; they work HARD.But... there's a different feel to it. Like the teachers. The teachers are often at school from 7:30-5:00; longer than 8 hours. But, when they are not teaching, they are surfing the internet; sleeping; or watching movies online. That's a lot of down time. I'm told we have very full schedules, and we are only IN the classroom about 14 hours a week!
There is the kitchen staff; they work a long day. I think it's the same staff for breakfast (starting at 7:00), lunch, and dinner (served until 6:00, then clean-up). BUT... in between meals, they play cards for several hours, or sleep. Shop owners have a round table set up with a card game going at all times. Some watch tv.And SLEEP. How do these people do it?
I'm not sure what home life is like; or how much sleep they get at night; but they can SLEEP. I've gotten on a train, and seen a person sit down and zonk out in a matter of 2 minutes. They will stand, grip the hand holds on the bus, and drift off, swaying and tilting with the bumps. In the teachers office, they will lay their heads down and sleep like a baby. There's even a "nap" chair that reclines with a foot rest (although that's normally used by the pregnant teachers). The kitchen crew sleeps in the cafeteria in between meals. Babies sleep in their mothers arms as they walk. I am SO jealous! I wish I could do that!
Daily eats:
breakfast: congee and a steamed bun (I was in a hurry, so I ate half the bun and half the bowl of congee)
lunch: Vegetarian style! I had 1/2 cup rice, 1/4 cup steamed bamboo, 1/4 cup steamed greens, and 1/4 cup cauliflower
Dinner: Gave in to weakness. My lunch made me hungry sooner, and we walked to the supermarket. The thought of eating cafeteria food again wasn't appealing; and we stopped at KFC :( I got 5 chicken nuggets (yes, nuggets! KFC is funny here) and an ear of corn. I also got a coffee drink with about 1/4 cup soft serve ice cream on top.
Snacks: 1 huge carrot, sweet bread
So... dinner was a bust.
Weight this morning? 212 lbs :(

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debby said...

Amy, so glad you are able to blog about your experiences and observations here! Its fascinating to hear about people from other worlds! The whole work thing fascinates me because you always hear about how hard the chinese work. But it is a different way of looking at life, isn't it. Able/willing to relax in the middle of rushing around.