Monday, October 27, 2008

Closet Dungeons and Dragons player. Pitiful.

Update – 2lbs down!!! Doesn’t seem like much, but considering my weekend, that’s awesome! On Friday we rented a movie and went over to my mom’s house. Me, husband, mom, and lil’ sis watched “Good Luck Chuck”. Raunchy, but funny. Dane Cook is absolutely hilarious in almost anything he does. The catch – we ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut. I was a good girl – I drank a bottle of unsweetened tea, and had 1 piece of pizza and 2 breadsticks. Not healthy, but not terrible either. Normally I would have 2 or 3 pieces!

I made a strata Friday night and popped it in the oven the next morning. It had eggs, skim milk, lean ham, spinach, summer squash, and hash browns. I had a square of that for breakfast. At 8:30 am on Saturday, we packed up and drove to Frankenmuth with the inlaws- that’s about a three hour drive. Frankenmuth is the cutest little town in Michigan! It has a year-round Christmas store that is HUGEmongous. I love it to death; Christmas is my happy time. Also, they have a restaurant that serves “family style” chicken dinners. These means that they bring out bowls of each dish and you all share, and pass the dishes around the table. You get a free dinner during your birth month. My hubby and his mom both have birthdays in September, so each couple gets a free meal (which is needed, because it’s $20 a plate!!). I ate, but I ate pretty well. I had one chicken breast, a slice of bread with apple butter on it, and about 2 spoonfuls each of potatoes, gravy, butter noodles, and stuffing. I also had two helpings of squash, no butter. For dessert I had 1 scoop of orange sherbet.

We walked around town all afternoon. We went to the bakery, where I got a loaf of bread. We went into a cute little shop where I got some salt and pepper shakers for mom’s x-mas present (she collects them). We went to a popcorn shop, where I didn’t buy anything, but everyone else did. I knew I couldn’t buy plain popcorn, and I do NOT need caramel.. so best to avoid completely!!

We got home around 7:30. I was starving!! I didn’t really feel like cooking after such a long day, and 6 hours of sitting in a car. I had some more breakfast casserole.

Sunday had the strata again. We lounged around home for the morning. At noon, I made us some fabulous salads!! I normally hate salad, but this was amazing. I mixed half romaine, half spinach. I cut up an apple, a summer squash, carrots, and some lean turkey. I tossed it all with a little strawberry balsamic vinegar, then put a little feta on top. We ate it with half an apple and some carrots to munch on. It kept me full all afternoon, which really surprised me!

Then *Amy blushes in shame* I did the unthinkable; I played Dungeons and Dragons. Or “D & D” if you’re a nerd like my brother in law!!! J

Matthew has wanted to play with his brother for quite awhile. I know there are many Christians who have a bad opinion of the game; and in some instances, it isn’t a good game! But everyone playing (with the exception of one guy that brother-in-law is trying to reach out to) is a Christian. It’s a good time of fellowship, provided you go in with the right attitude. I just don’t like playing because it makes me feel silly, and I have some stereotypes about D&D players. Anyway, we were over there for 4 hours doing “character creation”. I had a cup of black coffee, and a small hunk of whole what baguette. When I got home, I wasn’t too hungry – amazing! I had some reduced fat triscuits, lean turkey, and sharp cheddar. I also had some raw green beans that I dipped in a tablespoon of hummus. At about 9:00, my stomach was rumbling. I had some carrots and a little bit of mushroom and kale soup. The soup was soooo easy and light!!

Mushroom and Kale Soup
4 cups vegetable broth
2 cups chicken broth
1 lb white mushrooms, sliced
Half a bunch of kale, stems removed and leaves chopped
2 tsp chinese five spice

I just brought the broth to a boil, then threw in the mushrooms and spice and simmered until mushrooms were softened. I then threw the kale in and simmered until just wilted.

This is almost NO calories, and was the perfect thing to tide me over.

Today’s menu (Which I WILL stick to!)

Breakfast: 1 serving oats with half a banana and a tablespoon of PB mixed in (it was DELICIOUS!)
Morning snack: ½ cup lowfat cottage cheese with ½ unsweetened apple sauce mixed in (my FAVORITE.)
Lunch: Mushroom and Kale soup
Afternoon snack: green beans and hummus with 10 wheat thins
Dinner: chicken wrap (Chicken breast, spinach, red peppers, feta cheese). May also eat some acorn squash with a LITTLE butter.
Evening snack: carrots and hummus, 1 mug of hot chocolate

I’m trying to eat more mini-meals and fewer big meals. This keeps me fuller. And a fuller Amy is a happier Amy!!!


debbyweighsin said...

Good job on the food, Amy! Are you doing all this on your own, or are you going to w.w. or some group thing? I can't remember.

I didn't know D&D was still around. I kinda feel like you. The game is not inherently evil, I just think its kinda silly. But like you said, good fellowship. I just can't believe its still around. I had a group of friends who played it back in the early 80's.

Oooh, I'm jealous of you going to Frankenmuth and that Christmas store--I'd love to be able to go there!

debbyweighsin said...

Yah, Amy Jo, I meant to comment on that Applesauce/Cottage cheese combo--sounds DELISH! I don't know why I never thought of it. I am obsessed with cottage cheese (Safeway brand Lucerne to be exact) Actually now I remember, one time I nuked some apples to soften them and mixed w/cottage cheese and cinnamon. But applesauce sounds better, and definitely much easier!