Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time for some pics!

The one in front is me... probably the most unflattering picture ever of me. Do NOT let a fat girl climb on a bug and ride it like a horse. It just looks humorous.

I decided it's time for you (or for now Debby, my first loyal bloggie friend!) to see more of me!! Seeing as I've gained about 80 lbs in 3.5 years, it's understandable that I'm embarrassed of pictures of me. Most of these I've hidden in a secret crevice in my wall (okay, not really). But I like a couple of them.. the two at the bottom especially. They don't show my body, and my double chin is covered in the last one!

The picture above this is on my way "up" with my weight. This was the Christmas before last. I'm the one in the tan corduroys, completely blocking my husband! I'm probably about 200 here.

This one is of myself, my mother in law, and my purple husband. We were taking a walk. See how I flipped my arms way out? I thought they'd look skinnier if they weren't squished against me. I was wrong...

I was so embarrassed of this picture! I am covering my stomach, and blocking my body with my leg. I have a small head, and all my weight looks really wierd on me.

This is Matthew, me, and my beautiful sister Becca. I'm pretty happy with this picture; the low lightig is flattering on me, although my eyes are squinty!

That's my gorgeous husband next to me - icy blue eyes! This was taken at the apple orchard.
There's a look into my life; I used to have long hair, but as I got heavier, it was very unflattering. To my hubbie's chagrin, I chopped it. I think it slims my face, and he even says it's cute now!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy Jo, Fun to see pictures. I don't even have any before pics on my blog yet. It kinda bothers me, because I think people might not really believe me...but, like you, I avoided taking pictures, and the few I have found (okay, I haven't looked that hard) are really bad. Plus the real reason is that I am not that good on computer stuff, and I don't really know how to scan pictures. Anyways, eventually I will get them up there because I think it is important.

So, you look great in your pictures. That last one of you and your husband is absolutely gorgeous. All the colors together in it are really beautiful.

That is funny about the posing. MY sister and I used to fool around and take pictures of our faces while we laid on our backs so all the double chins would go away!

I"m going to be away from my computer for a few days, so have a good weekend!