Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day Two... and feelin' good!

I think, for my own benefit, I am going to post my expected menu on here each morning. That way, the next day, I will have to ‘fess up to what I didn’t stick to! One sad note - after eating pizza, fried chicken, and sherbet over the weekend, I lost a pound. By eating healthy yesterday, I GAINED IT BACK! I need to just assume it is water weight, because I did well though...

Yesterday was perfect, except I skipped out on the last snack and hot chocolate (hummus and carrots). I didn’t end up having dinner until 7:30, and I was full all evening. That wrap and squash was awesome!

Total calories (taken from my-calorie-counter.com): 1233. Perfect! I would like to be in the 1200-1300 range while trying to lose.

Today’s menu:

Breakfast – banana peanut butter oats, cup of coffee with 1 packet splenda, no creamer
Morning snack – honeycrisp apple
Lunch – 1 light n’fit yogurt, 7 reduced fat triscuits (1 serving), 1 laughing cow, 2 pieces deli ham, 1 small banana
Afternoon snack – cottage cheese n’applesauce!
Dinner – the other half of the squash and a chicken/spinach salad with all the fixins (but no fatty dressing – I’m having my strawberry vinaigrette again!)
Evening snack – cup of chocolate soy milk

I don’t really think I need a SNACK snack in the evening after dinner… two is enough for the day. But I do need something, and I adore chocolate soymilk. I’ll give some of my calories so that I can sip on that chocolatey-goodness while watching THE BIGGEST LOSER!!

My biggest problem is getting active. I know that when I exercise, the weight starts to drop off much quicker. But it’s so hard to actually get out there! We are living in a TINY studio apartment until we leave for China (we have whittled down our belongings so that they will fit in storage). It works to LIVE in, because we don’t really have enough furniture for a living room anyway… but seriously, it’s 360 square feet (including storage closet, kitchen, bathroom, living space). There isn’t even room for me to do my pilates DVDs! I have gone out for a walk a couple times, but it’s such a bad area to walk… not dangerous, but incredibly blah. We are situated at the back of the complex, and its all on ONE winding road that’s about half a mile from the main road. There is nowhere to go but that one way. When you get to the main road, it’s a very busy one, with no neighborhoods around. I get to walk past Wendy’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Baskin Robbins. Talk about torture! There’s really no other option, though; Matthew takes the car to work in the evening, and there isn’t a gym in our complex. So out walking we shall go!! The running thing is too much right away, I decided. I need to work my way up. But I need to get my lazy butt OUT there!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi AmyJo! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just wanted to pop over and say hey!

And I looooooove AFV!! My kids and I cackle and guffaw the whole time while my husband just shakes his head in bewilderment...he has no sense of humor!! =)

Anonymous said...

Boy, you're doing great, Amy Jo. Don't worry too much about exercise. I didn't exercise for the first 4 months after I joined w.w., and I know one of the biggest losers there lost 100 pounds w/o exercise because she had some injuries. lts really important to add to your life, but at the beginning I think its a big enough job just to change how you are eating.