Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fun tidbit of the day –

My mom and dad are dating.

I’ve known this now for about 4 months (they hid it for a few before that). When I was 9, they divorced after 14 years of marriage. They stayed divorced… and now that it’s been 14 years, and they’re back on again! I hope this isn’t a cycle…

My dad is a good man; a great man, actually. Through it all, he has been there for my family. When my mom’s drunk boyfriend came pounding on the door, she would call him and he’d come get all three of us, mom included. When she was out of work, he paid more than required. When we wanted to go to camp, or on missions trips, he found a way to manage. Until I was 19, he lived in a 1968 trailer so that he could afford to pay my mom’s mortgage payment; he didn’t want Becca and I to lose the house we grew up in. He is a man I will respect and admire forever.

My mom married young. He was her first REAL relationship. After so many years, she started wondering if there was more out there. To be fair, Dad did start to get complacent. There were issues on both ends, from what I understand. Long story short –

Mom wanted divorce. Dad gave in. Dad stayed in love with Mom. Mom finds deadbeat boyfriend for a decade. Mom finally dumps deadbeat. Mom has health problems; Dad begins showering her with cards, stuffed animals, and visits. Things seem to click. And now Dad drives to Grand Rapids from Chicago every other weekend to see her *ahem* I mean us.

Weird? Yes. But we’ll see where it goes. I don’t want his heart to get broken again. I don’t want things to end terribly. But I do love seeing them both happy. My mom hasn’t been loved or wooed in decades. It’s nice to see her blush, or to see her out doing things.

Life is funny sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Great story, Amy Jo. I hope for you that it works out. I will keep them in my prayers.