Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

I'm not too thrilled with this holiday this year; mostly because I can't eat donuts and candy like I used to. And also because I live in an apartment, and can't even pass it out to other people. But I am going to have some cider here when they serve it (I'm at the office) and politely decline the obligatory donuts.

I'm feeling a bit better, but still under the weather. As expected, I'm up a pound to 124.5. But that's still down from 127.5 on wednesday!!

Yesterday breakfast and lunch went as planned. I had oats, and some homemade kale/potato soup. It was really really yummy, and I have enough leftovers for several lunches now! Hopefully the hubby will ingest some though, because eating potatoes at every meal probably isn't the best idea.

I was going stir-crazy by the time he had to go to UPS at about 5:00. I decided to get out and get a little exercise, so he dropped me off at the mall. I wandered for about an hour, then sat down and ate a Subway Club sandwich on flatbread and an apple. Supposedly the sandwich is only 320 calories, but I do not believe them. I'm thinking it was more like 500. But still well within my calories for the day!!

I wandered another couple hours, trying on cute outfits and buying a book for Husband. I tried on a cute pair of jeans and they FIT! And my bottom looked good, and it didn't cut into my belly flub! It took everything in me not to buy them; hopefully, if I did, they wouldn't fit in a few weeks anyway, so I'll wait and find something even better!!!

I think I'm going to stop putting in a meal plan... I've been changing it too much. I'm still going to track calories, and write here what I ate the day before, but I hate repeating myself. Serously. I hate repeating myself.

So the office today has a fairy, a bumblebee, a pregnant pumpkin, a nurse, a squaw, and Inspector Gadget. I dressed as an 80's hair band groupie last year, but I completely forgot a costume this morning! Too bad; now I don't have to feel stupid all day like the receptionist in her bee costume :) She looks adorable, but I get a bit too paranoid!

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