Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Skinny Minnie, here I come!

Yesterday was too chilly here for me to be content with a salad for dinner – especially after having a cold lunch!!

When I got home, Husband had a cup o’hot chocolate waiting for me (aren’t they wonderful?). I climbed into bed with him and sipped the chocolate while we talked about our days. Once he left for work, I got to work on dinner. I heated up the acorn squash and ate that with a little salt and pepper (what? You don’t NEED butter on squash?! That’s a new development!). It was really good! Normally I eat half margarine/half squash. I knew if I started with the margarine I’d just add too much, so I didn’t even start.

For my warm dinner, I had breakfast! I made an omelette with 1 egg +2 additional egg whites. I put in about ¼ cup chopped chicken, half a cup spinach, and a laughing cow. It was a little bit on the bland side, but it satisfied my craving for something warm!

At about 7:30, I got the munchies. I decided that instead of having the chocolate soy milk (like planned), I’d switch it. I’d had hot chocolate already, anyway! So I grabbed a little hummus and some raw green beans and munched while doing some housework. At 8:00, I settled into my spot to watch the Biggest Loser. What a great show! If I had someone to crack the whip that way with me, I’d be a skinny minnie!

End result of yesterday’s meals: 1310 calories. ON TARGET!!

So, here’s today’s menu –
Breakfast: Oats with ½ banana and some cinnamon mixed in
Morning snack: apple
Lunch: Whole wheat wrap with 1 laughing cow, 1 tablespoon hummus, ½ cup chopped chicken, ½ cup spinach, plus some carrots
Afternoon snack: cottage cheese and apples. Last night I chopped up an apple and simmered it with some cinnamon and a packet of splenda. Less calories than the applesauce, and more “natural”, so we’ll see how that goes!
Dinner: Spaghetti squash with corn, black beans, and a little salsa
Evening snack – choc soy milk!

FYI – another pound down today – I’m at 226.5. My goal by the end of November is to be down to 210. My family is coming for Thanksgiving, and I would LOVE to fit into some of my older, cuter clothes I have tucked away! Right now I’m a size 20 in pants. I’d LOVE to be a 16, so that I can shop at New York and Company again!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Amy Jo, you sound like a gourmet diet cook already. Where did all these good cooking/eating habits come from?

That is a pretty hefty goal for weight loss. Good luck...I'm off to check out New York and Co. Never heard of it!