Friday, November 21, 2008

Sensational Salad!!

219.5 – down a half pound. And I even had a slice of pizza last night!

Made major progress with the Husband yesterday – we talked and laughed without bickering once, and he even gave me a hug. Sounds basic, but for us, a big step in the right direction.

Yesterday I didn’t want to be cooped up inside all day; things are feeling Christmasy, and I wanted to bask in it (plus, I needed some new gloves)! Once again, I went to the mall for the evening… I wandered, tried things on, and enjoyed Christmas music and twinkling lights. I got a “winter set” with a soft new scarf, gloves, and a hat on sale for $15! (65% off… go me!).

Diet went well, except for the pizza. I had the usual oatmeal for breakfast, a bowl of zucchini soup for lunch, cottage cheese and applesauce, walnuts… and then MAGIC happened. A new restaurant opened in the food court; Sensational Salads. This place just opened yesterday, and boy, were they aiming to please! I ordered a cup of soup and ½ salad for $6.99. The “1/2” salad was HUGE. I got a heaping pile of greens, and my pick of 4 different veggies. My picks? Carrots, green peppers, cucumbers… and more cucumbers J I had my pick of 15 DIFFERENT DRESSINGS! I was a good girl and asked for a very small bit of raspberry vinaigrette, and it was perfect. My soup was cheese and spinach. That was not so great; it had clumps of flour in it, and it tasted… old. So I didn’t really eat more than ¼ of it (which is probably good, because I bet there was a LOT of bad stuff in that small cup of soup!)

I then faced my biggest temptation so far in my diet. I wanted cheese fries from Great Steak SOO bad. I was still hungry, and I knew that I would need to eat something else before the end of the night. I decided to walk for awhile instead, and wandered for another hour, window shopping. Finally, at about 7:45, I couldn’t take it anymore. With my current book in hand (Twilight… yes, I’ve fallen victim to that hideously popular book.. but it’s really interesting so far!), I made my way back to the food court… and BACK to Sensational Salads. Dun dun dun….

I got a bigger-than-life fruit bowl with watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, kiwi, grapes, and a strawberry. It took a very long time to eat, because I was reading it and savoring the sweetness of the melon. Afterwards, I was STILL hungry, but didn’t feel the need to get anything else.

On the way home, I caved. My husband wanted a “Hot N’Ready” pizza from Little Caesars. I had ONE piece, and the smallest one at that. It was soo yummy, but I know that I’d have felt icky if I had eaten more. He didn’t have a problem – Mr. Fit-as-a-whistle Husband ate the rest of the pizza, along with ½ 2-liter of Mountain Dew. Then, with more caffeine in his system than I think I’VE had in years, we went to sleep; and slept like rocks.

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