Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Whine, Groan, Whimper.

Feeling like I just got hit by a truck. Scratch that, run over by a train. Yes, my “female time” has started. What does that mean? That means terrible pain, terrible cravings for chocolate, and terrible bloating. This morning I was 224 lbs – a pound up from yesterday. I KNOW it’s due to my period though, because I ate fantastically.

Breakfast – oatmeal (1/2 banana, some applesauce, and cinnamon)
Lunch – whole wheat wrap with turkey, green beans, spinach, hummus, and laughing cow
Dinner – roasted zucchini, summer squash, Brussels sprouts. 2 boiled eggs, and ½ whole wheat English muffin with a little peanut butter
Snacks – light n’fit yogurt, frozen grapes, some wheat thins

Yesterday I was a busy bee. I worked 6 hours, then we went to the doctor. I had a physical, and got (EEEK) poked twice. Once for a TB shot, and once to have my blood drawn for an HIV test. Let’s hope I’m safe, my husband was bit by a monkey in Africa 5 years ago, and never got tested! (yeah, just found that out.. I knew the monkey bite part, but not the “never got tested” part).

After whining and whimpering, it was off to the polls. I did my civic duty, and voted for the candidate I thought best. I did make a mistake, though… I accidentally filled in the bubble for the OTHER guy!!! I don’t know how I did it, and I was so embarrassed when I had to go up and ask for a new ballot.

“Why do you need a new one?”
“I.. uh… I messed up”
“What do you mean?”
“I accidentally colored (insert name here)’s bubble.”

So not only did I make a mistake, now the whole precinct heard who I was GOING to vote for. Luckily, I didn’t get jumped on the way out. After stopping at Burger King for the husband (I only got a diet coke and ate 1 of his fries) I went home and took a nap, then did dishes, laundry, scrubbing, etc.

Today, I don’t have much of a plan, aside from writhing in pain and working extra hours to make up for my appointment, and my follow-up appointment on Tuesday (seriously, can’t they just tell me what to watch for with my TB test?! J ) I do have a lunch date, though, with two coworkers – we’re going to Olive Garden for soup and salad. Tonight, I think I’ll eat something really easy, and climb into a hot lavender scented bubble bath. That always does the trick.

One more funny conversation:

Amy: My husband is 24! In 3 months, I WILL BE! Wow. I'm getting old.

Millie: YOU are getting OLD?

Amy: Yes. I can feel the wrinkles coming on.

Millie: Girl, I have SHOES older than you.

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debby said...

That is funny, Amy! But I don't keep my shoes that long. And please, you are not allowed to talk about wrinkles.

Your mention of soup made me think of what I had for lunch yesterday. Did you know Progresso has quite a few very low calorie soups? Pretty tasty, too. I prefer making my own, but it sure did make a quick and warm lunch yesterday.