Thursday, November 13, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Salt and pickles are my enemies; that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Yesterday I didn’t feel like sitting around the apartment all day. I decided to make it a “mall” evening. At 4:30, Husband dropped me off on his way to work. I was getting hungry, since I hadn’t had any dinner yet, but didn’t want a full meal yet. I went to Starbucks and got a banana/chocolate Vivanno. These are AMAZING! It has banana, a little chocolate sauce, ice, protein powder, and some other “I-don’t-know-what-elses”. They are suggested for the Weight Watchers diet according to my mother in law. I’m not on WW, but I figured it couldn’t be all bad then! I had that and started walking. I wandered for about 3 more hours, trying on clothes and smelling yummy lotions. At 7:30, I got a 6 inch Subway Club sandwich from Subway. It’s on the diet menu *wink* I added carrots, green peppers, spinach, and (eek!) pickles and salt. That is all I ate all night! I wandered for another hour, and then Husband picked me up. This morning, I weighed the same as yesterday morning. I was really hoping for a little loss; it was only about 1500 calorieds for the day, and I walked several laps around the whole mall. I’m of the belief that I’m “retaining water”. I guess we’ll have to see!

Yesterday’s menu:

Breakfast - oatmeal
Morning snack – ½ apple
Lunch – cup broccoli cheese soup
Afternoon snack – ½ apple, yogurt
Dinner – subway sub
Snack – Vivanno

Good memory of the day?

Trying on wedding dresses with my mom. I felt like an absolute princess, and everything seemed to fit perfectly; and when I found that perfect dress? PRICELESS. My dress was an absolute dream come true. It was a two-parter. The bottom part was a strapless dress with beading around the bodice and the bottom. Then, there was a lace over-garment that was long sleeved, and buttoned with pearls up the front. It was the same length as the dress. It was full of embroidery, beading, and all sorts of other perfect things. I had a January wedding, and we decorated with Christmas trees, white lights, and silver and blue bows. It was the perfect winter wedding, and my dress fit the feel of it to a T!

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