Friday, November 7, 2008


222 lbs. Yay!

I did awesome on the diet front yesterday.

Breakfast: pumpkin oatmeal. It was fabulous! I put some canned pumpkin, soy milk, flax seed, and pumkin pie spice in there, along with a packet of splenda. And it kept me very full!

Lunch: broccoli, carrots, yogurt

Dinner: black bean burger on WW English muffin with spinach, cheese, and pickles. A bowl o’veggies with broccoli, corn, and baby lima beans.

Snacks throughout the day: 1 boiled egg, low fat string cheese, laughing cow cheese and triscuits, 2 slices deli ham

I’m feeling good. I am starting to see change, because I think it’s all coming out of my tummy fat!

Feel good memory of the day:

Shopping at Valueland with my girls. Sophmore year, me and my 2 best friends went shopping at a thrift store. We brought along a camera, and decided to try on the ugliest outfits imaginable, and take our pictures in them. Why is this a good memory, might you ask? I have a good answer for that!

I fit into tons of stuff off the rack. It is SO hard for me to thrift shop now, because there aren’t many “secret finds” when you’re a size 20. When you’re a 10 or 12, though, it’s a lot easier. I was grabbing armfuls of hideous stuff and it all fit, even if it looked bad. We laughed and giggled all afternoon, and actually ended up buying several things there.

I was flipping through channels yesterday afternoon as I folded laundry, and what I saw on Ellen stopped me in my tracks. A hologram. That’s right, folks. Apparently one of the news programs following the election on 11/4 had a HOLOGRAM on the show that they interviewed. Is this the future? ZANY!!

Today is Barnes and Noble day. Every Friday, my husband drops me off at the bookstore before he goes to work, and I wander for the 5 hours he’s as UPS. I read all my silly tabloid magazines (so that I don’t buy them at the store!) and I flip through nutrition and diet books. I have done this for months, and only recently put my diet knowledge to good use! This is going to be a challenge, though. I sit in the cafĂ© to read my stuff. Usually, I get a large iced chai, and maybe a brownie or big sugar cookie. Then I’ll go back up and get a pop and a pack of peanuts. And I can’t do that. My goal today is to bring something to much on from home, and buy hot tea; or some other low calorie drink I can sip. I don’t need that junk in me anymore. And I munched so absentmindedly that I didn’t enjoy it anyway!

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debbyweighsin said...

Hi Amy Jo. You are doing so great on your weight loss. Very steady and consistent. Love the idea of a weekly Barnes and Noble day. But the munching would be a hard habit for me to break. Reading and munching used to be very tied together for me.

Also liked the thrift store memory. I hated going to the thrift stores for a long time because my mom used to drag us there as kids (she was an antiquer) and then it was no fun cause like you said, not too many clothes to find. So when I started losing, I mean after I had lost quite a bit, I started going to the thrifts again, and I just loved being able to try on lots of clothes, and get lots of clothes for not much money, especially when my sizes were changing fairly frequently. Now I just love going because it is such a good bargain. I love shoes, and I can get way more shoes by shopping there!