Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Biggest Loser is my Homeboy.

The Biggest Loser. Do you love it, or hate it?

I am in the “Absolutely adore the show” boat. I am so excited that another season has started. It’s so encouraging to see these people, and their struggles, and know that they are capable of doing this. Yes, of course they have world class trainers, nutritionists, great doctors watching their every move, all day every day to devote to losing weight… but still, it’s impressive and encouraging.

What do I love most about the show? Seeing myself in the contestants. Seeing a girl crying and throwing a whiny fit, and knowing that she is acting the way I just might act. Seeing their faces beet red; their stretch marks out for the world to see; their IMPERFECTIONS. It is so rare to see that nowadays. You start to think that you’re a freak for being the way you are; but then there they are, people like you. People with body flaws, weakness, low self esteem. And the best part is seeing them change. They get stronger. They get thinner. They get fitter. They get more confident; yes, their appearance is more attractive because they are approaching healthy weights; but it’s also because they are happy. They don’t hunch over and try to hide into the background. They carry themselves differently. I think so much of beauty is in your confidence.

What do I dislike the most about the show? Their emphasis on exercise over eating right. Now I KNOW that these people are eating perfectly balanced meals; but they don’t tell us what they are! I want to know what they eat for breakfast. I want to know if they are catered, or if they learn to cook these things on their own. Oh – and the fact that they make these poor people go shirtless for almost the whole show, and then once they lose the weight, they put them in more flattering clothes. Come on, people – they could have the longer workout shirts to begin with. Don’t make those poor big women climb up there in sports bras.

Yes, they are making bank off of the weight loss crisis in America; but they are also changing the lives of a lot of people.

In soapbox conclusion, I heart the Biggest Loser.

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debby said...

I also heart the biggest loser. I think it is funny that there was virtually no talk about the last season among the group of bloggers last season. I really disliked last season. There was a really bad spirit going on there.

These people this year seem so nice so far...that was terrible making all those people go home so soon...but good television, I suppose.

I actually didn't watch the first few seasons because I objected to how they were 'using' these people. But my biggest objection now is that it is not the best way to lose weight. I think of it as being very similar to gastric bypass. Yes, its fast. But once its 'done,' there is still a LOT of work to do. Its not done at all. And that is why a lot of people gain the weight back. So, its fun to watch, and sometimes it motivates me to push myself farther in exercise. But we're better off in the long run sticking with our slow but sure way!