Friday, January 16, 2009

The Scale is Too Nice

I haven’t set foot on the scale in several days. Why, may you ask? Because Amy has been a bad, bad girl. She has eaten cookies galore. Burgers, pizza, chocolate. Bagels and donuts. A subway sub thrown in there, but mostly, crap.

Scale this morning? 216.5. I was expecting at least 220. I was baffled.

I do not want to take this as a sign that I can eat junk and maintain. I take this as a sign that if I can eat junk and maintain, I can eat well and lose well. Seriously, if I can eat like a little piggy, and maintain a 23 lb weight loss, why am I not working to lose more? So many people fight so hard just to maintain! I’d be a fool not to take advantage of this. I am leaving for China in 1 month. I am wearing size 18’s. I do not want to have to pack all my 18s, as well as my size 16 pants. I’d rather use the room for more stuff. I want to be down a size by the time we leave. T

he pickle, however, is food. We have no money. We have cupboards full of stuff we are going to have to toss (half full boxes of instant potatoes, an open package of spaghetti, frozen pizzas, etc). Most of it isn’t the healthiest stuff. But we must eat it, and I don’t think we’re doing major grocery shopping again. Yeah, we can donate unopened stuff; but I’m going to have to get creative. Too bad I don’t have fresh produce!

Breakfast: yogurt, cottage cheese, and a fruit leather
Lunch: leftover soup (Bear Creek cheese and broccoli… but I added lima beans, peas, diced ham, and some corn)
Snack: grapes, walnuts
Dinner: A turkey burger on ½ bun with mixed veggies (Brussels sprouts, lima beans, peas, corn)

I think I’ll have another snack in there too, but I’m not sure what…depending on the number of calories, I might even make a small bowl of oatmeal this evening!

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