Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Can't Think of a Witty Title Today.

Life is much more fulfilling when you are living for others instead of just yourself.

That doesn't mean to completely abandon your own wants and desires; but to a certain extent, you need to; especially as a marriage partner, and especially as a Christian (unless your wants and desires are always genuinely to glorify God... but that isn't me, unfortunately).

Anyway.. an addendum to yesterday's post... my good buddy Debby made some pretty good points in her comment! And, as usual, I wasn't as clear as I wish I was. I'm not always so good at putting into words what I'm feeling; so please excuse me. Hopefully y'all get the gist, and see that I'm sorting through things, and working things out, not trying to offend or anything like that.

Today is a good day. Tuesdays are ALWAYS good days. Why?

The Biggest Loser.

That's right; it's only 10:07 AM and I'm already looking forward to it. Yes, I am a loser. Only not the right type.

Update on the life front? Diet - stagnant. Not gaining, not losing. Not trying hard enough.
Marriage - Decent. Not great. But we've been fighting less, and having a bit more good times than we were for awhile. I'm not fooling myself. But I love him; I'm getting interested in his interests. I am hoping he is seeing that this is a genuine change in me. I'm not happy. But I'm getting happier, at least. It just breaks my heart to see him so hurt and confused. Workin' on it, prayin' on it.
China - tentatively leaving 2/20. I have a feeling it will be "tentative" until we LEAVE. It's stressin' me out. Gave "tentative" 30 day notice to my employer. 30 DAYS. I'm getting really excited/scared out of my freaking mind/stressed. It's a dangerous combo.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I left a really nice comment yesterday, but evidently it didn't go through!

Anyways, I just said that I thought you were a really good writer. Your posts are thoughtful, and interesting. And that is why I come to read you every day.

And I said we could be losers together. I admit I am stuck on the biggest loser too. I like the people this season A LOT better than the group last season...

And when I watched it the other night, I started daydreaming about you and me challenging ourselves to working out for 8 hours in one day. What would that be like? Ha, even when I was thinking about it, I actually DROVE BY Curves. Just couldn't make myself go in. I did redeem myself a little bit by taking a really long walk.