Monday, January 12, 2009

Tackling a Big Subject.

Good weekend. For the most part. Very busy, though. Normally, I like that; but I’m a bit exhausted.
Friday: Work, then dinner and a movie
Saturday: worked 6 hours. Went to Barnes and Noble and did homework.
Went to in-laws house for dinner and to watch a movie
Went to karaoke bar for my friend’s birthday. Lots of fun, but we were out really late.
Sunday: I didn’t make it to church. I slept through the morning. Went to grandma and grandpa’s for lunch
And to play some Dirty Queens
Husband didn’t feel too good. We rented some movies and crawled into bed, where we stayed for the evening.

Today I’m feeling tired. I woke up this morning and Husband was sweating, and vomiting. I felt terrible leaving him with just a thermometer, blankets, water, and a bucket, but we need the money and I couldn’t call in (my PTO time is pretty much depleted). So now I’m going to spend my day worrying about him.

Scale says 218. It can’t seem to budge (although I have a feeling it’s because I’ve been cheating way too much).

I had something challenge my worldview majorly last week. I’m a Christian. I am a Christian who believes that homosexuality is wrong. I don’t know if people are predisposed to it or not. Some people say that God wouldn’t create a person to want those things. I say that I have no idea what God would do. We are fallen beings; of course it’s natural for us to desire sinful things. That’s what believers fight to overcome their whole lives.

Anyway, I was watching a show where a very conservative Christian was placed in a home for 30 days with two gay men, and their 3 adopted children. The point of the show was to see whether her views would change after actually spending time with them. She believed that it was wrong, and that homosexuals should not legally be able to adopt children.

I’ve gone back and forth on that topic; I’m not sure what I believe. Same with gay marriage. I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman; that is what God intended, in my personal opinion. There is so much biblical support against homosexuality. But do I think that our government should mandate that? I’m not so sure.

Anyway, the woman never changed her opinions. And I found myself siding with the gay couple. They had a beautiful home, and three wonderful children. They filled the role of “mother” and father very well. They were nurturing, loving, and still strong male figures. In the past, I would have said that that wasn’t what mattered; it’s that a child raised in a gay home would be more likely to be gay. Stereotypical, naïve… I know. But anyway, they brought the woman to visit foster homes and orphanages around their state. They interviewed children that grew up in the system. At one heartbreaking moment, she was speaking with a grown man who had left foster care at 18 a few years before. He showed her the run down place he had lived; gunfights and murders had been around him his whole life. He grew up threatened by gangs. He didn’t have a decent school to attend. He asked her “Do you really think that it’s better to put a child in that situation for their entire life, than to live with these two loving men? Is that loving as God would love?”
Wow. Bang. That just really slammed into me pretty hard. These men taught their children to be sensitive, loving little people. They were polite; they were smart. They were loving. They went to bed clothed, fed, and warm every night, knowing that they were loved.
That other boy went to bed every night hungry, scared and alone. Wondering how it was even possible that there was a loving God.

One of the male parents got very angry with this woman; and I can see why. She stated that yes, she thought the children should be raised the way that grown man was. And he said “These are my CHILDREN. To think that you would wish that pain upon them is appalling. God works in people, whether they have gay parents or not. Your responsibility as a Christian is to love as Christ loved. You are not doing your job”.

Anyway, I know people have strong feelings both ways about this subject. But I’ve changed my mind. I am no longer against homosexuals adopting children. Does that mean that I am no longer against gay marriage, either? I’m not sure. Biblically, I think it’s wrong. But I think a lot of things are wrong; and I don’t want those things made illegal. Our government is not in place to force people to adhere to Christian standards and principles.

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debby said...

Ha! As you can imagine, this is a subject I have an opinion on. But maybe not for the reasons you think I do. Probably the biggest part of my opinion comes from being a christian. But it is also from my years of dog showing--knew a LOT of gay people and had some very good gay friends. And as a neonatal nurse, taking care of babies.

And I have to say, you know that was a skewed 'documentary,' don't you? In other words, to compare a kid from an abusive hetero home with kids from a loving gay home is not exactly a fair comparison. I would be interested in hearing some 40 year olds speak about their experience being raised in a gay home, or in a one-parent home (only one parent ever involved.)

But mostly how I feel about it is this. It is the same way I answer the question about myself "You've never had kids?" My answer is always the same. "no, I've never been married." I think that there are a multitude of very complex reasons that God created us to have a female mother and male father. I am sure some of those reasons will never be known to us.

Well, I guess I've said enough. I agree that in the United States, gays should have rights. They should be treated well, and with love. But that doesn't mean accepting their lifeSTYLE as that which is good and perfect.

BTW, the way I say it is this: I don't ever say 'homosexuality is wrong.' Being a homosexual is not wrong. Some people really are born that way, I am sure. But having homosexual sex is wrong, JUST THE SAME WAY as it would be wrong for me as a single woman to go to bars and 'hook up' because 'its not fair' that I never get to have sex.