Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holiday Pictures

I suppose it is about that time; break out the photos again. Here are some wonderful Christmas tidbits from my crazy family get-together. And just to show my weight loss, I included a pic at my top weight: I was 239 lbs in the picture below. In the rest of the pictures, I was about 214.5 lbs. Not a radical difference, but I can see it in my face.

The picture above is me at the zoo with some friends. That's me in the billowy unflattering top in the front. The teeny chica on the end is 100 lb Ashley. I try to pretend she was really far away in this picture.
To the left is my cousin's son Jakop (Do not ask.. they knew what they were doing when they spelled it this way. It's just that NO ONE ELSE DOES. And that impossibly cute/pretty girl cuddling him is my sister, Becca.

These are my parents dancing. My divorced parents. We are a very wierd family.

This is my dad, holding his holiday cheer. Sister and Dad are wearing unplanned but nevertheless matching shirts.

This is sister, tackling small frail mother. Sister is probably 125 lbs and 5'3. Mom is 5'5 and 105 pounds soaking wet. I feel the stick on my end was a bit short...

This is Husband, kissing a little too eagerly. I am, however, happy with my new glasses; and slightly shrunken double chin.

My other cousin's son Brennan got a sticker book. Stickers went on cheeks instead of in books. Don't I look thrilled.

Recieving my sticker of honor. That sexy thug next to me is Husband. I especially like when he pushes his sleeves up like that. He tried growing his hair out for me once; but the edge was lost.

Ah, that ever present can of holiday cheer. He wore it with pride. I got my... stockiness from my father, as you can see.

Little mommy, cuddled up to older daughter. That pink top Mom is wearing used to be mine. Imagine that. My mom gets my hand-me-downs when I outgrow them.

Amy Jo is getting tuckered out. And her face is looking a bit too round.

Some days I'm seriously feel like I've dropped 20 pounds; but then sometimes, I can't tell the difference. I do know that I feel better when I've styled my hair, put on a bit of makeup, and taken pride in my appearance. I'm learning to dress in a way that is more flattering. My shorter haircut makes my face look less pudgy. I think I look thinner in my cute new glasses. All sorts of little things make me feel better about myself. Today I am back down to 217 after the "Great Christmas Gain". 5 lbs more and I'll be back to where I was before these horrible holidays. This is a serious struggle; but it feels amazing to be packing away my size 20's and feeling a bit of room in my 18's. I love seeing that my belly isn't hanging over my pants as much; and that my chin isn't so flabby. I like that I am able to get my rings on and off; I haven't been able to do that in a year! I like feeling healthier; feeling more flexible. When you've got rolls, you can only twist and bend so much. Things are hard; but this is rewarding.
Dinner tonight? 1 Lean cuisine chicken flatbread and a salad. Our stove isn't working (go figure) and maintenance is "busy". But hey, a microwave can still give a healthy meal!

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debby said...

Cute pictures, Amy Jo. I LOVE your glasses. Wish I were brave enough to get frames like that. Maybe I'll try some on this year.