Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Fun Sick Day

The doctor had diagnosed me with strep throat. What does that mean? Yet another day off of work! I'm not feeling SICK, just coughy-sore throaty. But I am advised that I am HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS. Thus, today is my second day lounging around home. And I have tomorrow off too :)
Husband is picking up my antibiotics as I type this (along with some Taco Bell for himself). I'm on a weight loss high, and managed to scrape together the strength to tell him "No, I don't want a taco. I'll have one of their special Fresco fruit drinks, but that's it". That's right, I've hit a new number! Scale this morning? 215. That was my goal for Thanksgiving, and it took a bit longer to get here, but I'm here! I have yesterday's self-control to thank for it.

breakfast: 2 Kashi waffles with natural PB+honey
morning snack: 2 dried apricots and a handful of walnuts
lunch: sampler platter with kashi crackers, laughing cow cheese, turkey pepperoni, yogurt, cherries, green beans, hummus
afternoon snack: carrots and hummus
dinner: 1 whole wheat english muffin topped with laughing cow, 2 slices deli ham, and 1 fried egg. Also had a heaping bowl of steamed carrots and cabbage

I also sipped 3 cups of green tea, and lots of water. I feel good today. I want to see 214 by the end of the week.

Reality check: China is less than 2.5 months away. There is SO MUCH TO DO! I will be setting up a blog for family and friends while we are away. I think I will put the link on here, so that I can still be followed. I'm pretty sure I was told that Blogspot is banned in China (so is Facebook, Myspace, and many other popular sites). I'm assured, however, that my JourneyEast blog will be fully functional. Look forward to watching our adventures, hearing our stories, and hopefully watching me shrink in pictures!

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