Thursday, December 11, 2008

Feeling Like Crap is Absolute Heaven

And so it continues… yet another day at 217. It does amaze me, though, that I’m maintaining weight, when I’ve been such a lazy bum about my diet! Yesterday I had my oatmeal for breakfast… started off well… but then we had the office holiday party.

Those things are DANGEROUS. It was a luncheon, and I had meself a bit o’everything.
1 piece chicken breast
3 red potatoes (the smaller ones)
Mixed veggies (I was a good girl, I actually got more of this than anything else!)
Whole grain roll
Salad (with bacon bits and ranch dressing… basically the worst thing I could have done to that poor little salad)

It was alright… just alright. You know how bulk catered food can be. But THEN… we each had 3 hershey kiss truffles at our seats. I haven’t touched CHOCOLATE in quite some time. I’ve tried to fake myself out with sugar-free hot cocoa and chocolate mousse Yoplait yogurt, but they are pitiful attempts at matching the utter amazingness of chocolate. Within seconds, they were gone. Best Friend of mine offered me one of hers, and I told her I could not have it. She said I could save it for later… I said I could not save it for later.

Dessert was a beautiful tower of cheesecake. Rasberry, plain, or turtle. They were in these itty-bitty squares.. and most people took one of each! I took one turtle square, patted myself on the back, and returned to my seat with my glass of punch and one square. I savored it while the President gave out months worth of up front parking and free PTO time to the lucky names drawn from a hat. Good times were had by all; and so were holiday bonuses. I am happy to report that China will now be completely paid for by the end of December – THANK YOU WORKPLACE!

A bit later in the day I caved and got another cheesecake square out of the fridge. I went home, changed, and had Husband drop me off at the mall with visions of mall walking and a big sensational salad dancing in my head. Instead, I immediately bought some Christmas gifts.. heavy ones. I got a couple books, and found a GREAT DEAL at Victoria’s Secret… buy 7 scented products (any lotion, body spray, perfume, body butter, or shower gel) for $35!! And on top of that, once I got to the checkout counter, they told me it was buy 7, get 1 free!! So I got 8 for $35.00! AND I got a heavy load. I went to JC Penny and got a necklace for Grandma, and some socks for Grandpa. I hit Yankee Candle Company for Mom-in-Law and bought 4 candles and a holder. Pretty soon, I was feeling loaded down, juggling a long wool coat, a purse, and 4 bags. I decided it was dinner time, and somehow ended up sitting in a booth with a plate of white rice, deep-fried-fat-filled orange chicken, and General Tsao Chicken. I completely bypassed Sensational Salad. I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of my completely veggie-less meal, but continued to eat. I ate almost the whole thing, and I’ll bet it was enough food for 3 sensible meals. I haven’t stuffed myself that way in well over a month (Thanksgiving included!) and I don’t want to do it again. I got up to do some more shopping and walking, but soon got some serious cramps in my side. I was having more visions; this time of this week’s episode of the Biggest Loser, where they had to strap on weights equivalent to the weight they’ve lost, and run/walk around a long track with them on. I was mentally adding up what the candles, body products, books, and socks weighed, and figured it was about right. I made my own little challenge!

Walking was out. It hurt. I decided the next best, somewhat active thing would be trying things on. At least its moving, twisting, bending. So I hit up the fancy dresses at Penny’s and tried on dress after dress, just for fun. I tried on a slinky little Britney Spears number, a classy champagne-drinker dress, a grandma blazer/skirt suit, and some in-betweeners. It was so much fun, and I was actually amazed at the some of the things I liked once they were ON. They were things I would never pick up if I’d actually been shopping to buy. Best part of it all? My dress size is 14. Yes, I’m in 18 pants (which in itself is exciting, because I was in lingo between 20-22 a few months ago).. but my torso is a lot smaller than my hips/thighs/booty. As long as the dress wasn’t fitted at the bottom, I was golden. There was a classy black spaghetti strap dress that made me feel AMAZING. It had a nude-colored panel down the front, ruching at the bodice, and draping fabric all around… It was just past knee length. With my calf-length black boots, and new bob haircut, I looked like quite the fashionista!

Today I’m not feeling so well.. probably the LB of deep fried chicken swimming in sauce from yesterday. My system is rejecting it… and getting it out pretty quickly. I have a pounding headache. I LOVE THIS! I can actually see what that crap does to my body. Its like poison. Once I tore down my tolerance by keeping away from it awhile, my body got used to being treated the way it is supposed to. So even though I feel BLEH, I’m ecstatic that I feel like crap!

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Anonymous said...

Oh to be young, and look good in those kinds of clothes! Haha! But really, I do like trying on lots of clothes, and am sometimes surprised at what I look good in.

There is no substitute for good chocolate.........