Monday, December 1, 2008

Simple Beauty

Damage done over the holiday weekend: 219 lbs. Now I have to re-lose those 3 lbs. Not undoable, but annoying!

Snow… it has a way of making my mood instantly lift. We had our first real snow last night. There are several inches on the ground, and the trees are bending under the weight of the fluffy stuff! I absolutely adore snow. I hate the cold, but would much rather deal with that than live somewhere where we didn’t get any. Living in Michigan means that we get all of the lake effect snow as well. Looking out the windows in the break room makes me smile; something I haven’t been doing very much of lately. The snow is brand new, so it isn’t brown and slushy on the roads yet; the trees aren’t dripping yet, and the snow isn’t melting yet. There aren’t foot prints all over, or mounds of nasty dirty snow around the sides of the parking lot. The tree by my “usual” break table had a bright red cardinal perched on it this morning; one splash of beautiful color in the middle of a white landscape. It may sound cheesy, but I think it was God’s way of giving me some comfort this morning. I’m going to make an effort to find more of those small moments to enjoy. They are out there; sometimes we just get so overwhelmed with the big things that we block out all the other stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound cheesy at all to me, Amy. It sounds glorious.