Thursday, December 4, 2008

QUEEN of Yahtzee

Today, I’m a new woman.

I had an absolutely fantastic time with my mother-in-law last night. We cried, we laughed, and Yahtzee was played.

There is just something about that wonderful woman that makes me open up, share my biggest fears, and yet… feel better afterwards. I was afraid that once she got me going, I’d share things that would make her upset at Husband. I was afraid I’d end up trash talking him without even thinking about it; but it wasn’t like that at all. I felt more like I was spilling all of MY failures and insecurities; admitting where I went wrong, and my struggle to find the right way to “right” things again. She listened, shared, wept, and supported me. She loves her son very much; and I know she loves me a great deal as well.

We ended up getting Chinese. I didn’t do fantabulous on the diet like I’d hoped. We went to a buffet (hello, DANGER! Deep fried EVERYTHING!). I had 1 crab Rangoon, half an eggroll, and about 5 pieces of fried chicken pieces. Besides that, I picked good, veggie-filled dishes. For desert I had jello, a dollop of chocolate pudding, and some fruit. But then the M&M’s were busted out during game time. I ate about 3 handfuls of those… quickly!

I must say, I’m a Yahtzee WHIZ. I beat her 3 out of 5 rounds; and boy, was I slamming that fact home. Following that, I then walloped her in a game of SKIP-BO. I swear, I’m a grandma in a young woman’s body; I could play games all day long.

Along those lines, I noticed something a couple months ago; last year I was shopping for bedding. I ended up buying a lamp for our bedroom, and a new quilt/pillow sham/bedskirt set. It was light yellow, white, and blue. SO pretty and quaint! Then, I painted our bedroom a very light, powdery yellow. I LOVED that bedroom (we’ve since moved, so we don’t have the pretty paint job).

I went to my grandma’s cottage this summer, and brought our bags into the guest bedroom, and dropped them (along with my jaw). The guest bedroom was just as it’s been my entire life; light, powdery yellow paint, light yellow, white, and blue bedding set, cute little black metal lamp. That’s right, I recreated that room almost exactly without realizing it. My husband could not STOP laughing, because my whole family already teases me for being so much like my Grandma. They call me Little Margie. After that, my Husband didn’t like our bedroom so much. I have no idea how I could POSSIBLY have done that without realizing it! I guess it just brought back happy feelings when I saw the bedding *smile*

Today is a long one – 9 hour workday, then I’ve got tons of cleaning and laundry to do. One of the first things I’m going to work on with Husband is being a better wife in the “wifely” sense. When I started working full time +, I started slacking on the household chores. The dishes don’t get done right away, he has to ask for his laundry to get done (yes, he is CAPABLE of doing his own, but he always manages to end up with a pink shirt of a toddler-sized sweater if he does). He may get annoyed when I buy him gifts or make his favorite dinner, but he can’t get annoyed when I’m just doing what I should have been doing all along!

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