Saturday, December 20, 2008


This week has been one wierd week.

Monday - wednesday: I was out of work sick with strep throat. NOT fun.

Wednesday: Went to work at 6:00 am. Power went out at 6:30. Generator did not kick on. Stuck around office until 9:30 am, then left. (note: Power was fixed at 9:45. Go figure.)

Friday: Went to work at 6:30 am. Blizzard in progress. As the morning continued, the snow continued to blow, and the snow against the window was almost thigh high in places because of the wind. Office closed early at 1:00pm.

So here I am, saturday morning, in a winter wonderland. I SHOULD take some pictures for you, but I can't find my camera. It took half an hour to dig my friend's car out of the parking lot, and another for her to make the .75 mile drive to my apartment. We got stuck 3 times, and had to exit the car and use the shovel.

Snow angels were made.

Last night, Husband and I fell asleep to the picture and sounds of the Nutcracker on TV (it was set on a sleep timer to turn off). It was very nice, and a favorite Christmas tradition. This morning I'm getting ready for a soup and salad lunch with one of my best friends from high school. We're meeting at Olive Garden, my favorite place for soup!

This weekend is going to be good; lots of cooking, a little shopping, and a date with my mom and sister for the 4 of us to play Mario Kart on our Wii. Yes, my mom plays with the Wii. She borrowed it and has this odd fascination with it. She's a wierd mom; loves Nascar too. But she's endearing. And I'm becoming better and better friends with her as I get older.

Have a great weekend!


debby said...

Good morning, Amy Jo. Your weekend does sound fun. I am going to meet my mom and sister for shopping and dinner today too!

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday Morning, Amy Jo! Hope you can make it to church through the blizzard!