Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Another winter storm is headed my way; darn that lake effect snow!!

No, really, I love it. But my place of employment lets people call in and use PTO if we wake up in the morning and the area schools are closed... EXCEPT for those, "within a safe distance". I don't know what this means. They won't specify. But they DO know that my home is approximately 1 mile from the office, and a straight shot - pull out of complex, drive down the road, turn onto office's road. And I think I'd have a hard time explaining that that was absolutely not possible. So I'm betting I won't get my "sleep in and have hot chocolate" snow day tomorrow that I'm fantasizing about.

How sad is that... my fantasies are of snow days. But seriously; how is it fair that those should end when you get out of school?

On the diet front... I have been a slacker. Big time. I've turned my focus to my marriage, and dropped the ball on that "other" thing. This weekend I had QDoba grill, popcorn, ice cream, cake, chips and cheese, 2 alcoholic drinks (calories!!!), plus lots of cheese, crackers, and cheese and crackers.. and cheese and crackers.. and I'm still 218.5 lbs... didn't really gain, which is a miracle, but definitely didn't lose!

I am starting my week *mostly* well.

today's plan:
breakfast: oatmeal (I added canned pumpkin, spices, and half a banana)
lunch: broccoli and rice frozen meal (250 calories.. not too fabulous, but easy)
dinner: turkey burger on whole wheat english muffin, steamed veggies
snacks: boiled egg, yogurt, 1 serving kashi crackers (and a snafu this morning.. I had half a bagel with cream cheese at the office. And now I feel sour.)

I need some fresh produce in the house, but we're scraping for the last bit of money for China, and can't afford more groceries this week. I'm just going to have to be inbentibe, I guess!

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