Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Warning: Chubby Girl Venting

I’m having issues at the moment.
My favorite pair of work pants are TOO BIG. This is a most serious predicament! For a moment, I found myself thinking “I need to gain a little more weight back, so that I can fit into these cute pants.”
No, I do not. I am still 216.5 lbs. I do not need to gain weight back for ANY reason. Certainly not so that a pair of plain brown Dockers pants will sit pretty on my wide hips.

But honestly, I’m starting to go through this weird process. My favorite pink New York and Company fleece fits better than it ever has. That makes me happy. My pajama pants are once more a bit baggy, like they were supposed to be. My button-down work shirts are finally laying flat against my body, instead of tugging the life out of those poor buttons. My knee-length black wool coat I bought 3 years ago once again buttons at the breast, making it possible to wear it out without having to explain why I never wear my coat closed.

All of those things make me happy. But at the same time? My Dockers don’t fit. My size 20/22 jeans are all too baggy, but I don’t want to buy more 18’s (my new size!) because I’m hopefully only going to be this size for a little bit longer before I’m wearing 16’s. bras are getting big, which I am seriously upset about. All through high school, I was a size A. Today, I am a C. I LIKE being a C. But as expected, those girlies are one of the first things to go.

My weight started coming off just my belly. That was nice. But now it’s falling off my boobs and my butt. My pants are saggy in the back. I always had a perky hind end, and it’s starting to… deflate. I know that if I want to fix that, I need to get some serious exercise in; but finding the gumption/opportunities is proving harder than I wish it was.

On the upside, I’m dealing with these problems because I’M LOSING WEIGHT!

One more chubby girl grievance; what’s with plus-sized pants? I’ve noticed a HUGE change in pants between 18’s and 20’s. What is that change? The back of the pants. Yes, ladies, apparently when you hit that size 20 point, your but gets a lot longer. Because my new 18’s are lower, and are at the same height in the back that they are in the front. My 20’s, however, were about 3 inches higher in the back. They made my butt look all long and frumpy (okay, a size 20 but is a bit frumpy) but still, they change the measurements in plus-sized pants. I know 18’s are still “plus-sized”, but I can find them on Juniors rack at JC Penney, and I can find them at the GAP! I used to be at the point where I HAD to shop either at Old Navy (they have jeans up to a size 20), the Target plus sized section, or JC Penney’s “woman” section. Lane Bryant’s clothes just didn’t fit me right. But the other day, I was at the mall, and I slipped into jeans at the GAP, Macy’s, New York & Company, and Vanity. And I even fit cutely in a pair of size 16 Tommy Hilfiger jeans! Too bad they were $80….

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, folks. I’m in the office while yet another winter storm rages outside. Today will be a test in my willpower; I will be making cookies, fudge, and more fudge. Figures my mom sticks me with the treat that I love the most.

Couldn’t I have been responsible for the shrimp dip, instead? That stuff is gross.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Amy Jo!

What a great problem to have! I really enjoyed trying on new clothes as I lost weight, and I still do actually. I like trying on styles that I would NEVER try on before, and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by what looks good on me. One thing I started doing because like you I didn't want to spend too much when I was losing and going down in sizes quickly, was to go to thrift stores...something I never would have done before. My mom roped me into it. But it is fun to hunt for bargains, and I have found so many designer clothes that I never would have been able to afford in real life, some with the tags still on, like Talbots, Coldwater Creek, etc. And the shoes...don't get me started. I just love getting great shoes at the thrifts!

Enjoy the food, and we will all get right back on the wagon with a vengeance in the new year!