Friday, December 12, 2008

I am Superwoman.

I feel good about the day already.
This morning, I did my daily tinkle and then hopped onto my scale in the buff. This makes you get the most “accurate” reading (meaning the lowest, of COURSE. *smile*)
Anyway, yesterday I was 217. Today, the scale did it’s thinking thing…the zero danced to and fro on the digital screen for what always seems like an eternity, and then stopped. My jaw dropped. Weight loss? I think not.
222 lbs. I’m embarrassed to say that my eyes immediately welled with tears. I did SO good yesterday! I started running through my menu –
Breakfast – oatmeal, cup coffee w/1 packet splenda
Morning snack – 1 small piece chocolate toffee from one of our suppliers. It was amazing.. but small.
Lunch: 1 boiled egg, 10 kashi crackers, 1 serving Healthy Choice deli ham, yogurt, and a laughing cow cheese.
Snack: a small bowl of mandarin orange segments, shared by a coworker who couldn’t eat them all. 1 mug of chamomile tea.
Dinner: turkey burger with whole wheat English muffin as bun, 1 slice cheese, pickles. Mixed veggies (snap peas, edamame, black beans, carrots)
Evening snack: medium sized bowl cherries and grapes. 1 mug of blueberry tea with a little sugar and nonfat milk.

There. Total calories for the day? About 1700. HOW, then, did I gain 5 lbs?

I decided the scale lied. So I sat back on the potty, tinkled another .5 ounces, and hopped back on. I magically became 220 lbs. 2 lbs in about 2 minutes; the fastest weight loss yet! I brushed my teeth and flossed. Hopped back on. 218.5. Better….
I then ironed my work shirt, packed up my oatmeal, and put on some makeup. Hopped back on – 217.5. I felt victorious. I weighed myself 3 more times after that, all with the same number. So I can only assume that I gained .5 lbs.. which I can see. Most of my food was processed, not much fresh stuff. The frozen burger and pickles had a lot of sodium; and I skipped my usual green tea in favor of some other hot beverages.

Even though I’m up .5 lbs, I feel like I’ve already shed 4.5 pounds today… which makes me feel like superwoman! And like a woman who should get a nicer scale. What a mean trick.


Anonymous said...

Stupid scales! I found that my scale, if propped against the wall and then put back down on the floor, would have those wild weight swings. Or maybe it got bumped or something.

Anyways, you are doing so great, Amy Jo, especially considering the time of year and the stress you are under.

BTW, will you still be able to blog when you are in China? I hope so, that will be fascinating to hear from you over there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy, I've been meaning to tell you, when you click on your name from another blog, you can't get back to your blog. I mean, I like having your blog all to myself, but just in case you were wondering why no one else comments...

Lyn said...

LOL! Wow that's great, 4.5 pounds in one morning! I will try your secrets. Tinkle twice, brush and floss, pack oatmeal. Do I have it all? :)

Thanks for your support this week. It means a lot to me!